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Are the accommodations equipped with air conditioning and heating?

Only three types of bungalows are equipped with air conditioning and heating: Bungalow Palmeras, Ohara Air and Optimo

The rest have an electric heater

The bungalows have blankets, towels and sheets?

All our accommodations are equipped with blankets and pillows.

Paying a supplement, sheets and towels will be provided


Is there a arrival time at the campsite or is it open 24 hours?

The reception is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
For parcel reservations, if you come to camp with or without prior reservation, the entrance is from 1 pm. It must be installed on your pitch before 11pm to avoid disturbing other campers.

For bungalow reservations the entrance is from 4pm. If you arrive after midnight, you will be given the key to your accommodation and you must enter without your vehicle.

Can I hang ropes?

It is not allowed to tie ropes, hammocks or other objects to the trees, structures of the bungalows or the furniture (lampposts, fountains, etc.) of Camping Platja Cambrils. Likewise, the installation of awnings, windbreaks and separations must be done in an orderly manner and preserving the good image of the campsite, with light colors and following instructions from our staff.

There is light and water in the plots?

All plots have light with a maximum of 5 amps
Premium + plots have a water outlet and drain.
In other areas there are nearby sources of drinking water.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the Bungalows

The plots admit a maximum of 2 pets, with the exception of breeds considered dangerous that will not be admitted to the campsite.
You can check the list at:

It is forbidden to leave an animal alone on a plot or tied or locked in a vehicle.

Animals must necessarily be worn on a leash and vaccinated.
We ask the owners to help keep the campsite clean. Please, in case your pet makes its needs inside the enclosure, collect the droppings.

The coexistence between clients and pets is essential in our campsite; Try not to disturb the neighbors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Can I park my car inside the enclosure?

Yes. All stay contracts at Camping Platja Cambrils include free parking for one vehicle per unit. Camping users must park their vehicles within the plot or parking area of the Bungalow, especially avoiding invading adjacent plots and roads. Cars that do not fit on the plot will have to be parked outside the campsite.

There is shade on the pitches?

The Camping area has abundant vegetation and many trees to provide a natural and fresh environment during the hottest days. However, we cannot guarantee the amount of shade that is specifically on each plot.

Can I buy tickets for Port Aventura at the reception?

Yes, you can buy the Port Aventura tickets at the reception of Camping Platja Cambrils. Ticket prices are the same as in the park. Buying early tickets, you can save the ticket lines and enter the park directly.

Can I rent bicycles at the campsite?

Yes. We have bicycle rental for hours or days at the reception of Camping Platja Cambrils. You can find bike ride helmets, as well as bikes with child seats and trailers. Bicycles cannot be reserved before arrival.

Can I use my ACSI card?

Yes, Camping Platja Cambrils accepts the ACSI card on a Standard plot.
See our ACSI Card conditions.


How can I book?

You can make your reservation through our online reservation system at com or by phone at +34977361490. In any case, we will ask you for an advance to be paid by bank card.

See our General Sales Conditions .

Can I book multiple accommodations online?

From our website you can book different accommodations at the same time. For any additional reservation request, we invite you to contact us through our contact form.
Each accommodation has a maximum capacity in number of people, baby included. Upon arrival, the number of people cannot exceed the capacity of the reserved accommodation.


Can I reserve a plot for the whole season (from April to November)?

Yes, it is possible depending on availability. The rate varies according to the season.



How to pay my stay?

You can pay your stay by bank card or bank transfer

By bank card, with secure payment:

Just access our website com and click on the Checkin online link

phone, by calling our reservation center or through the contact form.

  • By bank transfer: request the information in Customer Service.

Please indicate, in the concept of the transfer, the name of the last name used in your reservation.

How to verify that my reservation has been registered?

By phone, calling +34977361490 or through the contact form making the inquiry of your reservation.


Upon making your reservation you will immediately receive an email from us with the confirmation of it with the amount paid as a deposit and the amount that remains to be paid.

When should I pay my stay?

Bungalow : : You must pay the balance of your stay pending upon arrival at the campsite.
In the case of choosing another payment method such as Checkin -Online with a credit card or paying in advance by bank transfer throughout your stay.

Plot: Stays of less than 1 night will be charged at the time.

Those stays that exceed 15 days will be charged at the time of registration 30% of the total and the rest at half of the client's stay.

You can choose another payment method such as Checkin -Online by credit card or pay in advance by bank transfer throughout your stay.



How can I modify my reservation?

You can request the modification of your stay in the same campsite (dates, type of accommodation) or by request in writing to the customer service through our  contact form; Your request will be attended according to the availability of places and possibilities. You cannot delay stays the following season. In the absence of modifications, the Client must make his stay in the initial conditions of the reservation or cancel it under the provisions of the general conditions of sale.

  • Any request to extend the duration of your stay will be answered based on the availability of places and the current rates.
  • Any request to cut the duration of your stay will be considered a partial cancellation and will be subject to the modalities contemplated in our General Conditions of Sale.
Do I want to cancel my reservation?

Any reservation cancellation must be made by email to The deadlines will start on the date of receipt of the request.
In case of cancellation more than 30 days in advance with respect to the expected date of arrival, the payment and signal will be returned.


Can I receive visitors during my stay? Does it have any cost?

Yes, you can receive visitors. At the time of entry they must be accompanied by one of the occupants of the plot / accommodation.
All visits to families that are housed in plots are subject to a fee.
In the case of accommodation (bungalows / mobilhomes) the number of visits that exceed the maximum capacity of your accommodation is subject to a fee.

How long can visits be on the premises?

Camping Platja Cambrils has a visit policy that regulates the length of stay and the right to use the facilities, as well as the applicable rates according to the type of visit and time of the season.
Day visits can be made from 8 am to 8 pm and are subject to a fee. This information can be consulted at the reception.

Do they pay visits if they do not exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation I have hired?

Any occupant not declared during check-in will be considered within the category of visits and will be subject to a fee, even if the maximum capacity of the accommodation is not exceeded. Likewise, in the Camping area, all stays of less than 2 nights will be treated as visitors, even if the maximum capacity of the plot has not been exceeded.

Can you go to spend the day without staying?

External day visits are not allowed. The use and enjoyment of the facilities is reserved for the people staying in Platja Cambrils and the visits that they register in their stay contract.

Can you go to eat at the restaurant without staying?

No. Our restaurant does not accept external reservations. The use and enjoyment of the facilities is reserved for the people staying in Platja Cambrils and the visits that they register in their stay contract.


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